Galamsey Menace: No Poor Person Is Doing Galamsey - Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah

Governance Expert, Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, has asked President Nana Akufo-Addo to sack any District Chief Executive (DCE) who allows for galamsey activities in his or her district.

According to him, the President should warn all his DCEs and government officials not to misconduct themselves but support the fight against galamsey.

Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah expressed disgust over the galamsey activities in Ghana.

He sought to find out how the illegal miners got access to the lands if they had no assistance.

"No poor person is doing galamsey. It's the rich people who are doing it. How do they do it? They go for the lands belonging to farmers and Chiefs and use them, then we turn around to say the lands have been destroyed. We, ourselves, are the ones destroying the lands," he fumed.

"Let's hold people accountable. Let's hold people responsible," he stressed.