Cameroon Musicians Persecuted For Singing About Politics

Cameroon's internal conflict in the English-speaking regions is a sensitive topic and artists singing about it sometimes face persecution.

Gospel artist Evangelist Daisy Ruth fled the country after soldiers started looking for her after her song was widely shared online.

"The final time the pastor just advised me that wherever you are it would be preferable you just look for your way out and that was how I fled," she told the BBC.

Another artist Wams Mr Klassic was performing at a concert when he was asked to end the show and he was interrogated by police.

"I was asked if I was a secessionist," he told the BBC.

Songs about the conflict have been shared on social media with artists writing how it could have been avoided.

The English-speaking North-West and South-West regions have been plagued for four years by a bloody conflict between armed groups demanding the independence of the two regions and government security forces.

Listen to the full interview with the musicians on BBC's Focus on Africa: