The National Cathedral: When The Holy Serpents Go To War Against Christ

The National Chief Imam has done something which is antithetical to what those who have the responsibility to see to the construction of the National Cathedral are doing.

The Chief Imam, Dr Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has contributed GHS 50,000 to help in the construction of the National Cathedral.

This donation from the National Chief Imam is not only laudable but it also calls into question the lackadaisical attitudes of some Christians and their stiff opposition to the construction of the very edifice that defines the religious sect they claim to hold in high esteem.

Right from the very day the idea to put up the National Cathedral was announced, some Christians, not Muslims, were up in arms against it.

They questioned its relevance to our national development. They raised issues with the location of the project. They came heavily upon the source of funding.

At every turn, they have tried, rather fruitlessly, to place blockades in the way of the realization of this dream of having a monumental edifice as our National Cathedral.

Not long ago, Ghanaians were called upon in a form of an appeal to contribute GHc100 or more to help in building the Cathedral.

This voluntary exercise has angered some Christians, not Muslims. They contend that it is far more profitable giving out monies for building schools and hospitals than a Cathedral.

These vultures draped in beautiful robes and attires who troop to churches every Sunday claim it is a waste of resources building a National Cathedral when the nation is faced with myriad of challenges. It is as though the absence of a Cathedral would lead to Ghana becoming a paradise in terms of its developmental agenda.

If Muslims had expressed misgivings about this project, one would not have raised so much issues but for Christians, the beneficiaries of this beautiful building to be its strongest opposition is something that defies logic.

The Chief Imam has shattered their agenda with this wonderful gesture. Will they abandon their clothes of enmity and put on ones which are welcoming and Christ-like? The coming days will determine that.