Sarkodie Takes Kid's Money From Him

Rapper Sarkodie, who is currently on a tour to some African countries to promote his new album dubbed ''No Pressure'', has disclosed an awkward but cherishable moment in his life that however shocked him.

According to the rapper, a young boy once walked up to him and insisted to give him money in exchange for his blessings.

Sarkodie explained that the boy offered to give him an envelope containing 1 cedi notes which he said was an act of faith on the part of the boy.

Stressing although it was very hard for him to accept the money, nevertheless he collected it so he won't stop the boy from being blessed.

''Can you imagine me taking money from the kid?...He was on his knees crying and saying that if I don't take it, what he believes in might not work for him. Exactly!...So, I have to take it for him,'' he said in an interview posted by Hip TV.

Watch full interview below: