The Name Ghana Has Incurred The Wrath of God, Change It Back To Gold Coast - Prophet Explains Rampant Killings

The current rampant killings happening in the country has got the citizenry talking as to what may be the cause.

Ghana is known to be a peaceful country with the fear of God the attitude of the citizens.

Ghanaians all over the world are known to be calm and humble with human killing seen to be far from them.

However, it has emerged recently that, Ghanaians have begun to indulge in human sacrifice, abduction among other criminal acts that has been an abomination.

Some quarters of the citizenry have attributed the recent killings to spiritual dealings whilst others believe the hardship in the country has contributed to these bad habits.

However, the leader and founder of the Kingdom of God Ministry at Otoase in the Eastern Region, Prophet Dr Abednego Dartey, has said the country must change the name Ghana and revert to the old name, Gold Coast.

According to Prophet Dr Abednego Dartey, the name Ghana was derived from a spirit our forefathers brought from a river in Guinea, hence the power of God has turned its back to this country hence the rate of inhumane attitude by Ghanaians.

He says God is very angry at the country because of the name change hence it must be changed back to Gold Coast.

Prophet Dr Abednego Dartey made these revelations when he called for a press conference to inform the nation of what God has revealed to him to inform the leadership of the country to do to avoid future adversaries.

Prophet Abednego Dartey pleaded with the people of Ghana to eschew the bloodshed and urged the genuine men of God to pray to God for forgiveness or else the nation will experience what is worse than the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said God revealed to him that, some government officials has brought a stone from Israel to help build the national cathedral and that, the stone must be sent back to Isreal because it has a bad omen.