Why I Dumped Konadu Rawlings - Betty Mould Iddrisu

FORMER CLOSE ally of the Rawlingses and current Minister of Education, Betty Mould-Iddrisu has explained why she has surprisingly turned her back on Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, opting for President Atta Mills to lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2012 polls. Betty Mould-Iddrisu said she has known President Mills for the past 38 years and is highly convinced that the tax law professor is the most suitable person among the three contenders for the NDC flagbearership position. The Education Minister, who was religiously supported by the former First Couple for the NDC vice presidential slot before losing out to John Mahama, has now found it very convenient to ditch the Rawlingses, perhaps because of the position she is holding in the Mills administration. At the launch of the Mills campaign for the NDC slot in Kuku Hills, Betty, whose husband was the Defence Minister during the Rawlings administration, told the Rawlingses that the NDC is not a family property. Madam Mould-Iddrisu observed that through her long-standing contact with Prof Mills, she has realized that the President usually displays exemplary leadership “and that is why I am proudly supporting my president”. She added: “I have known President Mills way back in 1973 when I entered the Law Faculty,” adding that she worked with the law professor at the Faculty for many years. According to her, she later worked with President Mills again when he was the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner. Addressing the Kumasi Polytechnic branch of TEIN, Madam Mould Iddrisu said: “President Mills has over the last two years as President proven that he is a man of integrity.” She said her decision to throw her weight behind President Mills is based on the fact that she knows the President well and that there is no doubt that he is the best for the NDC now. The Education Minister stated that President Mills is the most suitable person to lead the NDC to retain political power in 2012 now, stressing that those contesting Mills should wait for their time, apparently in reference to Nana Konadu and Ekwow Spio-Garbrah. “There is time and tide for everything. This is the time for President Mills.” Madam Mould-Iddrisu, without giving statistics to buttress her claim, said President Mills has chalked landmark achievements as President within a space of two years, which has never been recorded by any president in the country. She said Prof Mills’ good works would be bare for all to see after his second term is over, noting that the President would win the NDC congress and lead the party to election 2012. She said President Mills, who has passion for education, would implement policies to make education better and also work to ensure social transformation to the delight of the populace.