“There Are Huge Loopholes In Our Tech Future, We Need To Sit Up” – Isaac Quarcoo Aka Travelz Reveals

Speaking in a recent interview, one of Ghana’s rising ‘techpreneurs’ has raised some alarming concerns as far as Ghana’s tech industry is concerned.

“Ghana, amongst many other countries in Africa is likened to a tiny muscle of strength in a failing heart; a life saver whose youth are passionate, tech driven and innovative. The kind of atmosphere Africa provides for these innovative youth is one force to reckon with.

On so many occasions in the past, students from Ghana won tournaments in robotics and tech worldwide in a country where there is less or no form of thorough practical tech education or environment to explore. The big question is that, If the tiny muscle of hope in a failing heart is going through this, what’s the fate of the other parts?”

Born in Adabraka, Accra but originally from the Oti Region of Ghana, Mr. Isaac Quarcoo aka Travelz has seen it all when it comes to the struggles to the top especially in tech in our part of the world. He raised concerns over how Ghana’s leadership have neglected an essential area in the growth of every country.

Mr. Isaac Quarcoo aka Travelz who owns one of the most visited ecommerce sites in Ghana, Dadadeal.com, added that, “Ghanaian youth have over the years proved their capabilities in various aspects of entrepreneurship and tech making them one of the most hardworking group of young adults in the whole of Africa.”

“I will root for any tech themed venture in Ghana because that’s the future. Our youth these days spend more time using tech than creating them because there is no encouraging environment to thrive with new innovations and ideas. Most of the great things we see Ghanaians do are all done outside our borders and is always as a result of the kind of reception the Americans, Asians and the Europeans have created for that space”; He said.

As part of his submission, Mr. Isaac Quarcoo Asked the big question that has been lingering for some time now. He also called other tech industry players, and established entrepreneurs to rise to the occasion.

“Can we have a mobile giant like Apple, Samsung, Or Huawei in Ghana? The likes of Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka have not been well encouraged to push their innovations through to make Ghana that beam of hope for the African continent.

As a contribution on my part, I have placed abled and talented young people together to create platforms that will support society like dadadeal.com ecommerce website. We are also creating an app for this project which will be unveiled soon. We will not end there, we want also support a group of young people we have already selected to further study and do even better things for Ghana. there is a future for Ghanaian youth, and it’s time we all rise to the occasion.”