Flexibility, Mindset, and Hard Work Are Critical For Reaching Success, says Omar Wala

Omar Wala is building New York City brick by brick. As a general contractor in the tri-state area, Wala is currently sitting on one billion dollars in construction contracts to be carried out over the next five years – all focused on the affordable housing sector. Wala hasn’t earned this success on his own, though. He takes his inspiration and also learns from other successful individuals.

His current mission is to address the increase in demand for affordable housing in metropolitan areas, by developing and constructing mixed-use and family buildings. Wala’s overall goal is to develop communities by making them safer, more affordable, and offering a clean home environment for everyone.

Being Successful Requires Making Adjustments

The roadmap for success is not the same for everyone. Adjustments must be made to accommodate specific business goals, as well as the inevitable setbacks that are sure to come along the way. Wala has seen his share of setbacks. His first business venture (a call-center) was unsuccessful, but not for a lack of Wala’s efforts. From this experience however, he learned that building a business requires proper planning and a well-developed team.

Even for the most successful businesses, setbacks can happen. Wala sees setbacks as no reason to throw in the towel, but a chance to make the adjustments necessary and move forward. This mindset is what has enabled Wala to adapt and overcome his setbacks.

Mindset is Everything

One thing that Omar Wala has learned throughout his career is that mindset is everything. The mindset and attitude a person displays can change the outcome of everything, from business successes to life experiences. For example, if one approaches a business venture already feeling defeated, they are more likely to walk away from that experience disappointed.

To be successful, a person must tell themselves that they are a winner, and be willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, as long as the actions required to win are not immoral. You get what you put out into the world in terms of attitude, and Wala is putting out successful energy.

Hard Work is Synonymous with Success

The passion for hard work was instilled in Wala at a very young age by his grandfather. There are some sacrifices that come with owning a business and being an entrepreneur, but it becomes worth it when the hard work pays off. Wala discusses how business owners often experience late nights, and have to sacrifice dinners with those they love, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, Wala is a philanthropist who provides scholarships and community programs in the same areas that he lives and builds in. He is empowering the community by providing jobs and housing, while also owning and operating a business of contractors who represent three generations. He was awarded a special recognition award by Congressman José E.

Serrano for his continued work in the community. Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. also awarded Wala with a special recognition award for his philanthropy in the Bronx and abroad. Omar Wala is using his entrepreneurial skills to shape the community, not only in Brooklyn, but all of New York City.