Dash AM Foundation Continues To Extend Its Covid-19 Campaign To Community Schools As Part Of Their Annual All Stage Festival Celebration

As part of the annual celebration organized by Dash AM Foundation, the ALL( A Living Life) STAGE festival is an innovative festival which seeks to empower the youth and even children to become great problem solver and innovators.

The very first of its kind, ALL STAGE1; which was launched in October, 2020. The theme of the ALL STAGE1 was “Unleashing Potentials to Inspire Social Change” The festival saw a massive attendance as being the very first. The festival was held at the Dash AM Recreational Centre at Aveshieve, Wudoaba in the Volta Region.

For this year’s festival ALL STAGE2, it is themed “Social Inclusiveness for Rural Communities Young Innovators, the way to a sustainable future”. It is planned to span from October to November, 2021 with several activities including COVID-19 campaign in rural community schools, education on Teenage Pregnancy, ICT training and Sustainable Agricultural development.

On the 25th October, 2021, the Dash AM team visited the Keta RC Mixed Basic School,located at kedzikorpe,Keta with the Covid-19 campaign. They enlightened the students and the teaching staff on the status of the pandemic across the world and in Ghana. They also encouraged them to continue to keep practicing the needed protocols such as hand washing with soap under running water, the use of nose masks and keeping social distance.

The founder of the Dash AM foundation, Dorothy Afi Amelor who was present at the COVID-19 campaign program encouraged the school community to be ambassadors to spread the news to their households and the entire community to continue to practice the protocols. “This battle we are fighting with the pandemic cannot not be won by just a certain group of people, we all need to accept that it is a battle for the entire humanity to fight” she said.

Madam Cynthia Vuvor, on behalf of the teaching staff of the school who called on the Dash AM Foundation to extend their programs to her school applauded the commitment of the foundation, stating that she appreciates the wake up call. She promises to do her best with her team to make sure they play their role to make the fight against the Covid-19 become a success.

The Dash AM team climaxed the activity by donating reusable nose masks and face shields to the school.