Buy Life Insurance With Tigo Postpaid

Tigo Ghana has launched “Tigo Family Care Insurance” to great success, since December 2010. On demand, Tigo now offers all postpaid customers the opportunity to buy a high quality life insurance and simply renew it monthly by payment on postpaid bill. Speaking in Accra, the brand assistant for Tigo, Kwamena Buckman said, Tigo Family Care Insurance for postpaid customers is the most affordable, convenient, reliable insurance policy in Ghana. The beauty of this offering is that we offer our postpaid customers the choice to select the package that best suits their needs with insurance cover for themselves and one other family member for various levels of insurance ranging from GHC 500– 2,000. Tigo Ghana’s vision for the insurance product is to help all its customers have insurance cover. As such, with the Tigo insurance, the postpaid customer pays an extremely low premium – much lower than other products on the market. From our market research, our customers expressed interest in new products that meet a core need and the insurance product for our valuable postpaid customers is in direct response to the needs expressed by several of our customer. The good thing is that, subscribers are not overwhelmed by the usual paper work associated with life insurance products. The insurance is a life insurance, meaning that claims can be made in the event of death. Terms and conditions are simple and clear and can be found on the Tigo website. The process for making a claim is easy and fast.