President Mills Wants To See The Projects For Himself - Anyidoho

Director of Communication at the Presidency Koku Anyidoho has stated that the President is not interested in sitting at the Castle and receiving reports from his appointees when he can step out and see things for himself. Mr Anyidoho was explaining the rationale behind the President's nationwide tour which takes him to the Eastern region for a three day visit. He said the purpose for the tour is to enable the President to observe and commission completed projects, inspect ongoing projects, analyse the potential for new projects to start whilst interacting with the electorate. Speaking on Joy FM on Tuesday, Mr. Anyidoho said the tour will offer the President an opportunity "to have a fair idea of what is going on in all these areas, so hes not sitting in Accra waiting for security reports, when he can be present to view the situation for himself. For him its about reaching out. He campaigned on the platform of a grassroots approach. That is, door to door campaigning as an example of staying in touch with the electorate, and not only returning to them in the election year, Mr. Anyidoho maintained. Explaining further, Mr. Anyidoho said President Mills feels that if you meet the people during the campaign period and you neglect them afterwards when you are in government "it is an insult to the intelligence of the people," adding President Mills "prefers to stay in touch with the people as much as he can while work is going on, and then when campaign time reaches and he returns to go back to them, at least they know that hes been with them throughout. A major issue that the president is expected to address in the region is the perennial water problems. Meanwhile chiefs and people of the Eastern region are holding a durbar in honour of the President as he begins his tour of the region. The president will be addressing the durbar before moving on to inspect projects in the region.