Apiate Explosion: I Thought I Was Watching Hollywood Movie - Akuapem North Fmr. MCE

Former Municipal Chief Executive for Akuapem North, Dennis Miracles Aboagye has extended a message of consolation to the victims of the last Thursday's explosion at Apiate in Bogoso.

The Apiate community was wiped out when a truck of explosives had an accident causing it to detonate, resulting in the death of thirteen (13) people and many others injured.

The community came down to the ground with every house and structure completely destroyed.

Preliminary investigations by the Police indicated that a mining explosive vehicle moving from Tarkwa to the Chirano Gold Mines collided with a motorcycle resulting in the explosion at Apiate, a farming community between Bogoso and Bawdie in the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality in the Western Region.

Making submissions on Peace FM's morning show ''Kokrokoo'', Dennis Miracles was shocked by the impact of the devastation.

He likened the Apiate explosion to a Hollywood movie which shows explosives going off, saying up until he saw this incident, he thought it was fictional for such things to happen in real world.

Speaking to host Nana Yaw Kesseh, he gave an account of how he felt when he saw the incident.

''The Apiate-Bogoso occurrence is one of the nightmares...It's not a pleasant situation because in the afternoon that you are in your office or have gone out to work and all you hear is a calamity of this kind has happened at Apiate and when you reached there, all the houses are wiped out looking like a Hollywood movie. If I hadn't seen the pictures and videos of Apiate, I thought the action movies we watch are mostly exaggerated'', he stated.

He consoled the families and residents and applauded the State agencies providing reliefs to the community.