I Don't Booze - Sarkodie

Rapper Sarkodie has told News-One that he does not take any alcoholic beverage. �This is not because I feel taking alcohol is bad but I just don�t feel like taking it,� the Tema-based award winning rap artiste explained and disclosed that he had stuck to his childhood habit and took in soft drinks and fruit juices. This is quite different from what pertains within the showbiz industry where the use of alcohol and hard drugs is not uncommon. The onetime MTN Ghana Music Awards multiple winner further told News-One that he was a very religious person and fellowshipped at the Full Gospel Church. He however did not mention his religious belief as reason for not taking alcoholic drinks. Sarkodie�s comment was a follow-up answer to a question on whether he was likely to grow dreadlocks in the near future, considering his current hair style. He said though there were currently no plans of growing his hair into locks, he might do so in future depending on how and what his orientation would be at that time. This year, Sarkodie had changed his looks with his latest hairstyle. He left the edges of the hair well shaped and trimmed but left the entire hair over grown than usual. Some of his fans have stated that Sarkodie looked better in his previous hairstyle. �There is no name for my new hairstyle; it is a little bit busty. I just did it. It is a change of look. You know in showbiz you don�t have to look boring every time; you have to change your looks once a while else you would be seen as boring. My previous look is nice but when it changed, people were like �wow, Sarkodie, it is nice, it is nice�. That will create the buzz. You need to come in the papers. They need to talk about you, so you have to do something,� he said. Sarkodie is among the cr�me de la cr�me of musicians billed to rock the stage at Empire Entertainment�s upcoming event dubbed �Ghana Meets Naija�. The event is scheduled for July 1 and will also host some top guns from Nigeria�s music industry. Sarkodie sounded optimistic about presenting a clean and perfect show at the event. �I can�t predict what I am about to do but I always don�t let Ghanaians down. By all means I will have a good show. This is the first time fans will see Sarkodie after the Fabolous show; they should come and experience it themselves.� Currently, he is rated as Ghana�s fastest rapper but the chap believes his dreams have not yet materialized: �I have a very big dream and I have not achieved that yet,� he told News-One.