Christopher Louray Mandujan: 3 Things To Remember Before Considering A Career In Music

Christopher Louray Mandujan, better known as Centric, is a music composer and record producer. Centric first gained notoriety when he designed instrumentals for various underground hip-hop acts early in his career. 

His musical growth since then has brought him to a stage where he produces music for well-known artists from around the world in a number of distinct genres. His involvement in producing music for several Grammy award-winning acts is also noteworthy. 

Centric’s passion for soul and hip-hop and his deeply-felt need to express emotions through creativity led him to pursue a career in music. Here, Centric wants to share three pertinent things you must remember if you love music and are considering building a career out of your passion.

1.     Be Clear from the Start About the Direction You Want to Take 

The two most common career paths people tend to follow in professional music are performing and teaching. Having a clear idea of what you want to do beforehand makes it much easier to pursue once you get started. This will help you prevent mistakes in your career, as you will already have laid down a clear roadmap of how to go about things. 

2.     Look for Job Satisfaction, Not Money

While choosing a career, people often choose something that offers the best salary. This is not the right approach, especially with a career in something like music. If you are not passionate about music enough to pursue it professionally, just steer clear. Job satisfaction is essential, and if you are not satisfied, you might end up changing jobs repeatedly, leading to stress and job fatigue.

3.     Be Ready to Face Roadblocks and Challenges

Preparing for and being ready to face setbacks is essential before opting for a career in music. Most often, things do not turn out the way you expect them to, especially in the initial stages of your career. 

You need to stay determined and keep overcoming the problems you may face. Keep in mind that everything along the way, especially the difficulties, will teach you something important. It is only possible to succeed professionally if you are willing to keep working hard.