Olympic Project from Integral Spor: Olympic Sports City

Being one of the most extensive projects of 2022, Olympic Sports City consists of 16 indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

This special initiative improves not only sports facilities, but also housing, social places, and green spaces, allowing any country to simply prepare for the Olympics.

Furthermore, this project meets all Olympic criteria, including the Olympic sports city's development phase and product quality. A number of aspects of the project are configurable and optional.

In Olympic Sports City, there are 16 indoor and outdoor sports areas that one can list as follows:

●       10,000 Seats Stadium

●       Training Field

●       Outdoor Astroturf / Indoor Astro Pitch

●       Modular Mini Outdoor Football Field

●       Outdoor and Indoor Tennis Courts

●       Indoor Sports Halls

●       Indoor Squash Courts

●       Playground for Children

●       Mini Golf Courses

●       Outdoor Multipurpose Fields/ Indoor Multipurpose Fields

●       Padel Tenis Courts

●       Indoor Olympic Sports Hall

●       Hotel

●       Olympic Swimming Pool

●       Landscaping and Parking

Why Olympic Sports City?
Olympic Sports City is a great project in order to gather all of the facilities for sports. Additionally, there are other living places that people can enjoy.  The installation and mounting processes of Olympic Sports City are simple. Under the maintenance and service contract, Integral Spor offers a 10-year guarantee. The city is also in compliance with many institutions' standards, such as FIFA, FIBA, FIVB, ITS, and so on. In the installation process, high-quality products are used and all of the processes are completed by an experienced, knowledgeable, and expert team. In addition to the sports fields, there is landscaping and parking. A unique hotel has a welcoming lounge for athletes. Restrooms, shelters, and practice and training fields are all available. Additionally, the project can be tweaked to suit a variety of tastes according to preferences.

Advantages of Olympic Sports City

As mentioned above, Olympic Sports City has many advantageous features. One can list them as follows:

-          Sports stadiums are in line with Olympic requirements.

-          There are 16 sporting facilities (indoor and outdoor).

-          Installation and mounting are simple as the team is knowledgeable about the processes.

-          Under the maintenance and service contract, there is a 10-year guarantee.

-          The project is in compliance with many institutions' standards, such as FIFA, FIBA, FIVB, ITS, and so on.

-          High-quality products are used for the installation process.

-          The workmanship is made by a knowledgeable and experienced team.

-          In addition to the sports fields, there is landscaping and parking.

-          There is a unique hotel where athletes can rest.

-          Restrooms, shelters, and practice and training fields offer people a comfortable area.

-          The whole area offers a decorative and modern looking.

Olympic Sports City Construction
As the Olympic Sports City project has many elements in it, great care must be taken. The Olympic Sports City's structures are built in a factory employing steel construction, allowing for speedy installation on-site. The competent and experienced Integral Spor team uniformly develops the full Olympic Sports City with the maximum performance and time in the applications of numerous items such as artificial grass, parquet floors, and tartan sports grounds. In the construction process, the customer is informed about all of the steps to be taken and according to the customer’s preferences, the city is formed accordingly.

Olympic Sports City Cost
The cost of building an Olympic Sports City varies based on local conditions and transportation costs. Furthermore, because there are numerous optional services offered in sports city, prices may vary according to preferences. The other thing that affects the cost of Olympic Sports City is the materials that are used in the process. By filling out the related form on the website, one may learn more about the cost of building the Olympic Sports City. In this way, the project is formed with the customer according to their budget.

Integral Spor and Olympic Sports City
There are many big projects going on in the sector. One of them is Olympic Sports City, which is Integral Spor's most extensive proposal for 2022. It consists of 16 indoor and outdoor comfortable sports facilities. As it gathers all of the facilities in it, it offers a great advantage for athletes.

How to Get Olympic Sports City?
The most important thing to do to get this service is to contact Integral Spor. Because it is necessary to get detailed information about this big project. According to the customer's preference and budget, suitable arrangements can be made for the Olympic Sports City. In addition to producing quality products, Integral Spor, which also offers a trouble-free installation process, plans to make an impact on this project with its experienced and expert staff. If you want to take advantage of this great Olympic Sports City project, you can contact the company, talk about the details or solve your questions. Thanks to its fast customer support, Integral Spor will provide you with the necessary information.