Christians Charged To Value The Resurrection Of Christ

Christians have been charged to value the resurrection of Jesus Christ as it is the foundation of Christianity. 

In a sermon to climax the Easter Convention at Zenu Lazio Park in Ashaiman, the Reverend Aaron Yaw Kyei, the District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost, Ashaiman Lebanon District urged believers to make the resurrection of Christ a topmost priority in their Christian lives.

"Our foundation as Christians is based upon the resurrection of Christ because through this particular incident, we have received forgiveness of sin, justification, reconciliation, peace, joy, happiness, and victory," he said.

“If Christ was not able to resurrect after the crucifixion, Christians would have been false witnesses, lacked hope, and direction, and would perish forever. The resurrection was central and paramount to the faith of Christians, hence, the need not to take it for granted,” he said.

He said, "While the early disciples were unlearned men, even they knew that dead people stay dead. So, imagine their astonishment when they witnessed the risen Lord standing before them three days after he had risen from the dead."

The District Pastor stated that Christ’s resurrection stands as a giant exclamation point that separates Jesus Christ from all other mortals, adding that the resurrection did not only prove that there was life after death, or that Jesus is God, but the resurrection also announced the beginning of a kingdom, which would live forever to glorify God.

"When Jesus died on the cross, He didn’t take the place of Christians, but the place of sinners. He came as man’s substitute. The whole world has been saved from the punishment of sin, but God’s interest wasn’t just to save man from the punishment of sin but to save man from the life and nature of sin,” he indicated.

He said Jesus Christ is unique and exceptional, therefore, He must be worshipped truthfully, righteously, and religiously as His resurrection has brought a new form of newness to the world.

He noted that Easter reminds Christians never to lose faith in God for it may take some time but God will never leave prayers unanswered hence all one needed to do was to; "Place your trust in Him and watch Him work wonders in your life."

"What better sacrifice can one talk of than when our Lord himself laid down his entire life in suffering to save us from our sins, let us praise and thank our Lord for his loving blessings.  I wish each and everyone a blessed Easter," he added.