Christians Mark Easter Sunday With Joy

The atmosphere at the Assemblies of God Church, Salvation Chapel at Awudome Tsito was one of joy as they marked Easter Sunday which signified the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Clad mostly in white, they danced and sang praises unto the risen Lord. 

Some of the worshippers who spoke with the Ghana News Agency noted that the lifting of the restrictions on the Covid-19 was a major boost for this year's Easter.

They contended that all their church activities during the period were held without any restrictions.

Rev. Samuel Amegboe, Resident Minister of the Church in a sermon noted that the greatest problem facing humanity was not poverty, war, disease, or lack of shelter but sin.

"Sin is the cause of all the woes we have to contend with," he said.

The sermon, which was on the theme, "behold Jesus the Lamb of the world" was taken from John 1: 29, John 3: 16 and I John 3: 18.

He said had God wanted to punish the sin of the world like Sodom Gomorrah, he would have created a new set of people all the time.

Rev. Amegboe intimated that in dealing with the sin of the world, God had to sacrifice His only begotten son.

He said the sacrifice freed mankind from the wrath of God and eternal condemnation.

"It is also the remedy for the sin problem as it destroyed the work of Satan which is sin," he said.

Rev. Amegboe continued that the sacrifice was also an escape route from sin.

He advised Christians to seek pardon for their sins through Jesus Christ adding that rejection of Jesus was tantamount to contempt of divine rejection.

Rev. Amegboe urged them to use the Easter season to reflect on the love of God and get reconciled with Him.

He appealed to those in leadership positions to emulate Jesus Christ by sacrificing a little of their comfort for others.