Cost Of Living: Boys Are Walking Around Gate Crashing Peoples Parties, Outdooring Looking For Food – Sam George

Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam Nartey George, has opined that young men in the country are now roaming around looking for free meals at people's parties and outdooring ceremonies.

According to him, this situation has been occasioned by the high cost of living under the current Akufo-Addo-led administration.

Speaking on Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’ programme on June 14, the MP claimed that amid the economic crunch young men have decided to eat once a day thus taking advantage of events such as parties and outdooring to have additional decent meals.

Sam Nartey George said that the young men have adopted a ‘0-1-0’ feeding tactics where they forgo breakfast, eat once in the afternoon and forgo supper as well.

“Many young men in Ghana today are playing formation. Better formation than Otto Addo. They are playing 0-1-0. Breakfast-0, afternoon you eat 1 and that one, you know what they are eating?

“They are no longer eating komi [Ga name for kenkey] because the ball of kenkey right now…my fist is bigger than 3gh kenkey so now they are eating gob3 [beans].

“They eat gob3 in the afternoon between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm. So you hold you hold your stomach between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm, and you go and eat gob3.

“When you go you tell the madam the beans, not plenty, the gari plenty and they don’t even buy korkor [fried ripe plantain]. And they eat that as ‘foundation’ and they buy pure water. The pure water they use to buy 5pesewas, now it's 30 pesewas.

“So that is the life and you go to bed till the next morning. That’s the 0-1-0 feeding formation. If you lose guard and play 0-1-1 the next day you will go 0-0-0.

“You need to know how to play the tactic and you need to be careful not to get an ulcer because if you get an ulcer you can’t even afford the omeprazole in the pharmacy.

“You need to know how to play it such that sometimes you 0-1-0, sometimes you do it 0-0-1, sometimes 1-0-0. If you make a mistake and say you are doing an outdooring or a party, you will see the number of people who will come and gate crash your thing.

“Boys are walking in this town and looking for people's parties just to go there and get free meals. That is how desperately young people in this country have become,” Sam Nartey George stressed.