Sexual Activity Is A Conducive Means For Spreading Monkeypox - Health Director

The Deputy Director of health for the Asante Mampong Municipality, Mr Akwasi Dwomoh, has said that deep kissing, close touches and intercourse are major means of spreading monkeypox.

“One of the fastest ways to spread monkeypox is through sharing clothing and engaging in sexual activity with someone who is infected,” he stated.

He made this statement during the presentation of some items to the Asante Mampong Bosomkyekye Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound.

The items including a 36 kg refrigerator, 39 HD LED television set, TV decoder with its dish, desktop computer, and a blood pressure monitor costing over GH₵10,000 were donated to the facility.

According to Mr Dwomoh, his outfit has located and collected a sample from a possible monkeypox patient.

He noted that because they are still awaiting the suspected patient’s test results, they are unable to confirm if there is a case of monkeypox in the community.

According to Mr Dwomoh, typical rashes are the first sign that someone may be suffering from the monkey pox disease.

In comparison to other skin rashes, monkeypox is more dangerous and spreads more quickly, he continued.

If fluid from an infected person’s blisters comes into contact with an uninfected person, the latter would contract the disease, Mr Dwomoh added.

Even though there has not been a case reported yet, he asked everyone to exercise additional caution while they await the suspected person’s test results.