No One With Brains Will Compile New Voters' Register For 2024 - Manasseh

Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni, has commented on claims making the round that the Electoral Commission is planning on compiling a new voters register for the 2024 polls.

Without giving specific reasons, he dismissed the allegations as untrue stressing that no body with brains in their head will do so, "nobody would try that," he said in a Facebook comment.

Manasseh's comment was in reaction to a post by an aide to former President John Dramani Mahama, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, who was among the first to post the allegation in a July 12 Facebook post.

"There must be something really amiss with Jean Mensah and her colleagues in the leadership of the Electoral Commission.

"After wasting $ 80 million on a totally needless new register for the 2020 elections on the whim of President Akufo-Addo and his NPP,they want to spend another fortune to compile a new register for the 2024 elections with the Ghana card as the only source of identification.

"The object, of course, is to manipulate that register to save the blushes of this hopeless government which is destined to be thrown out by the electorate in 2024. What kind of nonsensical leadership is this?" Kwakye Ofosu's post read.

Manasseh's comment read: "Stop that. This cannot be true. No human being with brains in their head will want to compile a new voters' register for 2024. Nobody would try that."

Kwakye Ofosu's post alleged that the Ghana Card was to be the main source of identification for the new register adding that it was part of a grand scheme by government to rig the 2024 polls.

The EC has yet to respond to the allegations that have been trumpeted by the Minority in Parliament through its leader Haruna Iddrisu, who put an US$80 million figure to the new register.