Okyeman Land Protection Force Refute Land Guard Allegation Tag

The Okyeman Land Protection Force has refuted claims by the Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association indicating that the Ofori Panin Fie has Land Guards terrorising Land owners around Teacher Mante and it enclave.

At a media briefing in Teacher Mante, Okyeman Akwansrahene, Baffour Asiedu Bekoe indicated that, the Okyeman Land Protection Force is a well established Taskforce mandated to protect all Stool lands in Okyeman against theft.

He indicated that, all the relevant security agencies have been made aware of the existence of the Taskforce and it mandate.

Baffour Asiedu Bekoe mentioned that, Section 39 of the Criminal Offences Act (Act 29) empower legal owners of properties to use reasonable force either by themselves or by their agents to protect their properties from theft.

He said, the Okyeman Stool lands were acquired through the toil and blood of their ancestors and by conquer hence it would be suicidal for the current generation to sit unconcerned for people to steal and sell their land without regards to tradition and culture.

He served notice to Ghanaians and investors acquiring land from the River Densu, Teachers Mante, Dome-Faase, Kwenyaako through to Jejeti that they are all Okyeman Stool Lands hence any acquisition without the consent of the Allodial title holder, the Okyenhene do so at their own risk.

He said, the Okyeman Land Protection Force is simply enforcing the laws on Immovable Property with particular regards to the alienation of Lands in Ghana.

Currently, there is tension between the Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association, KOANS Building Solution at one side and the Okyeman Land Protection Force over some acres of land allocated to the Scrap dealers by KOANS at Teacher Mante.

Whiles the Scrap dealers claim to have bought the 50 acre parcel of land from KOANS, another private person who occupied the land prior to the KOANS disposition has also shown registration documents with the seal from Ofori Panin Fie and that of the Lands commission also claiming ownership.

The development led to the destruction of a fence wall erected by the Scrap dealers which encroached on the other party's land.

The Scrap dealers have already serve notice to retaliate if their fence wall is not reconstructed in weeks.

Meanwhile, the Akyem Apapam Akwansrahene, Nana Baah has said, lands spanning from River Densu, Teacher Mante, Dome-Faase, Kwenyaako through to Jejeti are Okyeman Stool Lands and any sale of these land without the endorsement of the Ofori Panin Fie remains null and void.

He said, Nananoom with support from the Okyeman Land Protection Force will not allow anyone to appropriate to themselves Okyeman Stool lands.

He added that, any encroacher will be dealt with in accordance with the law.