I Don't "Beef" For Relevance - Lyrical Joe

Lyrical Joe, the reigning Best Rapper of the Year, claims that engaging in lyrical exchanges often regarded as "beef" is not intended to keep him relevant, but rather to address issues raised by an opposing rapper.

The past few days have witnessed a heated rap battle between Lyrical Joe and his counterpart, Amerado, with both sides churning out rebuttals.

Speaking in an interview with the GNA Entertainment, Lyrical Joe stated that beefs could have a positive or negative impact on the career of an artiste depending on how he/she handles it.

"Beef can be productive and can keep you relevant if you know how to go about it, but I personally don't jump into beefs for relevance's sake.

"I do it because there are issues I need to tackle, especially with my opponent coming after me and I have to defend my crown.

"If I was chasing relevance, I would have been beefing all year, but it is just addressing issues at some particular moments," he said.

He, however, stated that beefing with another person had to be healthy, especially avoiding any form of physical contact, but noted that it all depends on the lyrics being churned out by the opposing side.

Speaking about his next track, "Superman", Lyrical Joe revealed that he would feature a surprise artiste on the project, which would be released in the coming days.