What Does the Future of Influencer Marketing Look Like? The Hype Explains

Influencers have picked up where traditional marketing and advertising left off. Well, that’s certainly one way of saying that influencer marketing is on the rise. Successful brands like Coke and Macy’s, for instance, have collaborated with travel influencers to increase the brand’s visibility.

These influencers are more than happy to create content and show it to their million followers via one post. For The Hype, a European influencer management company, influencer marketing has a great future.

Traditionally, companies allocated large amounts of budget for advertising and marketing. Companies have tried and tested all options to grab eyeballs, from newspaper inserts to newspaper ads to availing primetime spots. In recent years, more specifically the last three, there has been an immense shift in the direction of marketing.

Google searches, for instance, reported an increase in ‘influencer marketing’ by 1500%. Needless to say, that’s huge. For The Hype, this means “the future is influencer marketing. Influencers have been able to connect with people as people; far quicker than any advertising ad could ever imagine. Sure, we all have our favourite jingles, but brands mean business when it comes to sales. And influencers with their homegrown appeal have found much favour with brands who can now embody their values by association.

A successful influencer’s post has the potential to reach a million people in a matter of hours, if not minutes. That was inconceivable with traditional marketing, which was also restricted in its monologue approach.”

Influencers have indeed taken the world of marketing by storm. They have become the new role models with consistent content and an I-am-just-like-you approach. They look like the people they are posting for and have become the embodiment of hope for many who are eager to break free from the rat race.

An expert at The Hype elaborates, “When you see an influencer, you don’t see what you’d like to be but what you’d like to do. They look just like you, dress like you, talk like you and yet create a sense of aspiration worth aiming for. This is their biggest trade win. They show that it takes guts and effort to make things happen – values that resonate with their followers like nothing else.”

The writing is clear on the wall; as The Hype puts it, influencer marketing is here to stay.