Sacut Amenga-Etego Writes: President Akufo Addo Is A Timeserver

The most costly price of democracy is having a timeserver President. It may be a bitter pill to swallow but the truth reveals itself in this form. And the truth is that our President is now a timeserver, just occupying space and time until his retirement. After all, nobody can remove him from power until his time is up.

In other words, President Akufo Addo is now “Konongo Kaya” who makes little to no effort at all to solve our problems created by his own government except blame it on the broken record of the Russia-Ukrain war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

When I say the President is a timeserver, I am not even exaggerating because in five years he still hasn’t accomplished the easiest task of simply reshuffling his own cabinet - something any sleeping President can do.

What effort does it take for a leader to hire and fire? Isn’t it an intrinsic part of leadership to be able to hire and fire workers? Yet our time server President has failed monumentally even with that.

What a big shame!

At the recent UN general assembly in New York, our President said, “every bullet fired in the Russia-Ukraine war lands in the pocket of Ghanaians”. It was the most absurd statement ever made on that global platform. Even the Ukrainian President did not make such a spurious claim.

Indeed, every travel our President and his entourage make, directly impacts the pockets of Ghanaians yet he has seen nothing wrong with constantly jetting off in privately rented flights on non-essential travels.

Despite the war between Russia and Ukraine, those countries are still exporting grains, gas and oil to many parts of the world including Africa. What do we export as a country besides the traditional exports from colonial times? Nothing. All we do is importation. So why is our timeserver President constantly irritating our ears with this broken record? Is it the duty of Russia and Ukraine to feed our people? Is that why we elected him to mislead us? And Is that what makes us “lucky” to have him as our President?

This is a President who is only interested in winning elections and nothing more. He recently boasted while on a tour in the Upper West region that he has won two prior elections against the predictions of his political opponents and he’s now on his way to winning the third election for his party the NPP in 2024.

He’s also been seen and heard campaigning for some of his appointees who want to enter parliament in 2024 two clear years before the next general election.

How much more irresponsible can he be in the midst of all the economic and social upheavals in our society? No wonder he now relies on a doomed cathedral to count for his eight-year legacy as President of Ghana - a cathedral whose construction is only now supported by greedy pastors and sycophantic political allies.

The people of Ghana have rejected that one needless object that brings no food to the table - the doomed cathedral - and they will definitely reject his doomed party the NPP in 2024.

The only thing our timeserver President does now, besides giving absurd speeches, is to watch the clock tick towards his retirement while the people of Ghana suffer his lack of effort.