Charcoal Help Preserve Food - Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Ben Nuako, a clinical Nutritionist, has said that charcoal has numerous qualities that helps food preservation and contamination.

He outlined that charcoal has some quality substances which turn to absorb intoxications in our everyday meals, such as Soups, Stews, and Vegetables.

According to him a piece or 2 pieces of charcoal in our foods while it is in a spoiling stage can be effective in removing all toxic substances and also help to preserve it.

Hence foods that has been corrupted with another substance – either physical, biological or chemical can be preserved.

He said when foods begin to have unpleasant smell, just a piece of charcoal can be used to dissolve it while heating it for some time.

He added that the administration of activated charcoals has been indicated to treat moderately to severe life-threatening intoxication.

Dr. Ben Nuako pointed that due to the fertilizers and chemical being used in growing our vegetables and foodstuffs in our farms, charcoal can help take away all these toxics.

He told Gifty Akoto in an interview that charcoal is more vital than salt and vinegar which most people use to kill harmful bacteria in contact with vegetables and food stuff.

He advised Ghanaians to make proper use of Charcoal and not only use it in making fire.