Disregard 'False Claims About IMF Negotiations' - Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry has debunked what it describes as 'false claims" about the IMF deal.

In a statement, "the Ministry notes that in recent days, a number of persons have been making false claims about the ongoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF or the Fund)".

According to the Ministry, the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were "progressing smoothly and we look forward to having a Staff Level Agreement by the end of the year," and that all false claims must be disregarded.

"We made good progress in identifying specific policies that would restore macroeconomic stability. ... The IMF team and the Ghanaian authorities remain fully committed to reaching agreement on a framework and policies for an IMF-supported program as soon as feasible".

The Ministry has also refuted the claim that the government does not have a program for consideration by the IMF.

"To the contrary, the government has submitted its Post-COVID Programme for Economic Growth to the Fund, which programme has formed the basis of negotiations. The Ghanaian delegation and IMF staff had very fruitful discussions on the authorities' post-COVID program for economic growth and associated policies and reforms that could be supported by a new IMF arrangement" the statement added.