Buaben Asamoah writes: A Pyrrhic Mentality Has Only One End Game. Toxic Fear

Somebody thinks “the big guns in the NPP” will decide the flagbearship. Wrong. And wrong again. It is the crowds of neglected Polling Station Executives, over 200,000 of them, who will decide.

And when they do, another pyrrhic victory may be on the cards for those who would rather scheme and traduce than respect genuine ambition. Ambition of servant leadership.

A ‘Pyrrhic Victory – a victory that comes at a great cost, perhaps making the ordeal to win not worth it: it relates to Pyrrhus, a king of Epirus who defeated the Romans in 279 BCE but lost many of his troops’. (httpps://www.meriam-webster.com>…

King Pyrrhus’ actions are perhaps on all fours with those who thought willfully haemorrhaging a majority of 169 would still leave them laughing.

Wrong. An artificial majority and an opposition Speaker later, their lot is fear. Toxic fear.

So, let them continue to focus on the top heavy incumbency and make assumptions. Literally, polishing ‘balls’ whilst the edifice we all contributed to build, crumbles.

Bunch of failed MPs Of course. The difference? Leadership. A visionary with a mission. A mission to recapture, restore, rebuild and reward. A mission to modernise the Party that has been wilfully brought to its knees. A vision to create a politically functional fighting force, motivated by fairness, respect and reward.

No. Not the pyrrhic winners. They would rather have another scheme. A scheme so sinister it shows how panicked they are. It’s supposed to be simple.

Manipulate the assumed pliant Special Congress of ‘big guns’ to a rather absurd outcome for the heir apparent and then bend the rules to certify the ‘bofrot’ result as final enough to bypass the entire delegates conference “since a procured large majority” have said so.

Hogwash. It won’t wash. The so called ‘large majority’ is a mere three percent of the full delegates conference, and whilst they may have thier procured say, the disrespected ninety seven percent of delegates will definitely have their way.

Moreover, the National leadership may not be that pliant. And, a large majority in Parliament may have other ideas.

Therefore best practice from the first special Congress. Copies of the post Congress report are available. Its all about rules. Transparency in formulation, execution and into the delegates conference. No full stops, twists and turns anywhere. That guarantees the Party going into 2024 with an open mind, willing to die a little to protect democracy and moderate our economic situation.

So smart alecs, have your spiteful say. The delegates conference will certainly have its way. That way will be a freely elected, credible candidate, marketable to varied stakeholders, with a plan. A transformational plan for the benefit of many. Touche.