Virginity Is A Pride You Must Keep – Eastwood Anaba To Overly Horny Ghana Youth

According to the founder and leader of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, virginity is a pride that must be preserved.

He says virgins should not let people who have messed up their sexuality mock them because it’s still pride.

Eastwood Anaba is of the view that people who are not virgins are struggling but will never make it open but rather resort to mocking virgins just to force people into their zone.

“Those of you who are virgins, don’t let the people who have messed themselves up mock you that you are outdated; that’s why you’re a virgin. Virginity is a pride you must keep.

"You see, these ones who have messed up their sexuality will never tell you the truth, they will never tell you how they are struggling," he added.