Yul Edochie’s First Wife Threatens To Sue Actress Over Photoshopped Image With Judy Austin

The Yul Edochie polygamy saga is not ending anytime soon as the actor’s first wife, May, threatens to sue actress Sarah Martin for photoshopped images.

Sarah’s offence was sharing a photoshopped picture of Yul’s second wife, Judy Austin and Yul into a family photo of May and her four children.

Star, the son Judy bore for Yul, is also featured in the photoshopped image.

The original picture was taken during Christmas.

On Friday, May revealed via Instagram that she had directed her lawyers to file a suit against one Sarah Chukwukere for sharing the edited image of her and her children.

Expressing her anger, she wrote, “it is inconsiderate and demeaning to smear anyone, especially someone you barely knew. I’ve always had a peaceful, joyful and loving family. I worked tirelessly for several years building a beautiful home while managing several businesses successfully.”

“It is evident that some persons have deliberately and desperately tried to taint my reputation and “change the narrative” to suit their agenda. This is unacceptable to me,” she added.

Drawing the attention of culprits and others who dare to do the same to her next course of action, she said her legal team would be extremely cheerful to dine with anyone who does not cease from character assassination or defamatory publications in the court of law.

May shared the writ from the court; the lawsuit demanded a public apology from the actress and a retraction of a defamatory publication.

Double Wahala

May also threaten to sue Sarah for a “false and injurious” statement made against her during an Instagram live session with popular media personality Daddy Freeze.

In the letter, it was stated that Sarah implied during the live chat that May “failed in her duties as a wife to Mr Yul Edochie and that such failures led Mr Yul Edochie to leave our client (May) and get married to Ms Judy Austin.”

The document explained that the statement was false as there was no event or evidence to confirm that the idea made was true.

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