Turkiye Earthquake: We Still Can't Find Christian Atsu in Any Hospital - FIFA Agent 'Cries'

Christian Atsu's whereabout still seem to be shrouded in uncertainty.

Christian Atsu and other members of the Turkish football club Hatayspor were caught up in an earthquake in Turkey.

The 7.8 magnitude tremor struck the region and northern Syria early on Monday morning, before a subsequent 7.5 magnitude quake.

It was a sigh of relief when news broke on Tuesday that Atsu has been rescued from under the rubble.

According to the Vice President of Hatayspor, Atsu is alive and had been taken to a hospital in Turkey.

However, according to Morat, a Fifa Agent, the Vice President later indicated that "he heard he was at the hospital but he didn’t see him so he can’t give 100 percent confirmation about it".

Search For Atsu

Morat further stated that "We started to search through hospitals everywhere but we still couldn’t get any information so we are still waiting . . . there’s no confirmation; so it’s not clear yet . . . I checked all hospitals, I gave his name, passport ID, and everything, but there’s still no news about him. We are pushing to get the correct news about him".

According to him, all the other team members affected by the disaster "are safe except Christian Atsu and the Sports Director".

"Let's wait for official information," he added.