Ministerial Appointments: Adding On To Your Gov’t Is Insensitivity Of Akufo-Addo – NDC Man

Benjamin Kofi Quashie, South African Council of Elders Chairman of the National Democratic Congress and the Group Chairman of Allied Consortiums, has bemoaned the president's decisions of filling ministerial vacancies within his government instead of total reshuffling to reduce ministers' numbers.

In his view, the president hasn't broken any law regarding filling the vacancies within his government arising from resignation but, "I'm sorry to say governance is sometimes the application of common sense. There are technocrats who could step in so why to appoint new ministers?" he quizzed.

He argued that the president is running this country as if he is running his personal business and this is not right. When his attention was drawn to the fact that, the president hasn't broken any law, Mr Kofi Quashie averred that the president hasn't broken any law when he asks for people to have a haircut regarding bonds.

"How can he go on profligate spending and let the citizens suffer? Has he broken any law?”, he questioned sorrowfully. He questioned why Hon. K. T. Hammond was appointed to the Trade and Industry Ministry. What is he bringing on board to Trade and Industry Ministry that would help us in these IMF negotiations", he quizzed.

He continues "Is it that during the censure motion for the finance minister, he did a good job for the party so, he's been rewarded for that?”, he surprisingly questions.

SA NDC Council Chair argues further that, the Trade and Industry Ministry has substantive deputies, why K. T. Hammond? What new is he bringing on board and why not elevate some of the deputies?

From the way things are going, it appears the president isn't taking anything seriously. If the president wants Ghanaians to take a haircut, it would only be prudent for him not or add on to his ministers but, to rather promote his deputies to avoid swelling up his ministerial numbers.

"This was a fine opportunity for the president to show leadership. Be the first to take steps that would let the citizenry know that, the president is doing something worthwhile", Mr. Benjamin Quashie stated. He added, in these times of haircut on people's investments, "You don't bungle around ministers who have resigned and put in new ministers there. What do you expect of the taxpayer", he asked again.

The Allied Consortiums Chairman was speaking to Blessed Sogah on the 'Pulse Show' on Joy News, on 7th February 2023 assessing the appointments of new ministers by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

In sum, Mr. Benjamin Quashie underlined the fact that "Even though there hasn't been any scientific proof as to whether a lean or large size government delivers, we're not in normal times and this has been rehashed by many people to this government. The bureaucrats, technocrats, people have spoken and the president must listen", he ended.