Don’t Use Our Health Facilities To Treat Homosexuals 'With Leaking Pampers' - Military Boss Warn Health Workers

UGANDA: The Deputy Commander Land Forces in Uganda, Major Gen Francis Takirwa has asked health workers to stop treating homosexuals in public health facilities.

Maj Gen Takirwa made the statement on Sunday, February 5, 2023, when the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) commissioned and handed over different projects to Mbarara District residents at the headquarters in Bwizibwera.

"Don't use our health facilities to treat homosexuals, someone comes with pampers leaking and wants treatment because he made a decision as if he didn't have brains. No. No. This is too much and unacceptable, Maj Gen Takirwa said.

He said such practices are shameful and should not be accepted. "Someone comes and starts doing such shameful, unnatural, un-African practices and you keep quiet. Something a dog which you give food on the ground can't do but you with brains who eats on a plate can do, it's shameful. God is about to fix us, so prepare yourselves for doing some of these practices even dogs can't do,? he added.