You Are Destroying Your Children And Next Generation - Eze Ndigbo Calls Out Drug Traffickers

The king of the Igbo community in Ghana, His Royal Majesty, Eze Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Ihenetu, has called out persons engaged in the illegal trade of drug trafficking in Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa.

Even more, he has bemoaned the fact that these traffickers have targeted the youth, devising very innovative ways of getting them to abuse these drugs and promote vices among them.

He stressed the need for the world to turn its attention to this growing field, describing it as a ‘cancer’ that should be plugged out.

Addressing the press at his palace in Accra on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, the Eze Ndigbo, Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu, said that the use of drugs has become a very dangerous thing among the young generation of the world.

He also lamented over how the activities of drug traffickers are gradually destroying the future of these young men and women, a situation that, he stressed, harms everyone, including the children of the people promoting them.

“One dangerous thing about all these things is those traffickers that are dealing in all these dangerous materials called drugs, or whatever they may call it, they are destroying the next generation. And the next generation includes their own children, because, if you think you’re a businessman and you want to make money and you engage yourself in a business like that, of being a drug trafficker – making money and putting in your bank account, you are not thinking that those same drugs you are selling, your son or your daughter can also take it somewhere.

“So, while you’re making money, you are destroying yourself and destroying these children. So, for me, it is a dangerous thing; I call it a dangerous cancer that is eating up this generation, not only in Ghana, not only in Nigeria, not only in America, but all over the world,” he stressed.

Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu further called on the world to redirect its attention to this growing menace, ensuring that it is addressed soon, so that it does not become too late in being curbed.

“So, I stand here today, by the special Grace of God, as Eze Ndigbo Ghana, telling the entire world, that the world should think about this cancer that is eating up the generation. What is that cancer? The drug traffickers. I’ll urge the world to look into it so that our sons and daughters will be safe. If we destroy them now, who will be the leaders for tomorrow?” he lamented.

The Igbo community king in Ghana also called on governments in Ghana and in other parts of Africa to take this seriously because, if not, it will become a security threat to their futures.

He added that the inability to address this soon could contribute to higher numbers of reported cases of insanity among youth.