Bawku Conflict Is Not About Chieftaincy, It Is Criminality - Nitiwul

Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul has stated unequivocally that the current conflict in Bawku should not be blamed on the chieftaincy dispute because it is a criminal matter.

According to the Minister, the issue is a criminal act committed by criminals that must be dealt with harshly.

In response to Mr. Mahama Ayariga’s statement on the floor of Parliament on the issues confronting Bawku, Mr. Nitiwul stated that the ministry’s position is to allow the Ghana Armed Forces to deal with them as pure criminals.

Mr. Agalga wants the issue to be investigated and has proposed that the probe should have experts and members of the Defense Committee deal with the matter.

“Given the nature of the allegation levelled against our armed forces, I believe that an ad-hoc committee with the core members of the defence and interior committee playing a lead role will suffice…to delve into the matter and come out with recommendations to ensure that such brutalities do not happen again.”

Mr. Nitiwul responding to the statement, said it had been agreed that there was a Bawku Naaba in place any aggrieved persons should go to court, and the Maprusis agreed to court and pledged to lay down their arms, and for two months, not a single gunshot was heard in Bawku”.

”So I want to believe we have taken the position, Mr. Speaker, that what is happening in Bawku today is not about chieftaincy. It is criminality. It Is criminals who are operating, and members of the Armed Forces would deal with them as pure criminals.

"I want the MPs to let their people know that we are dealing with them as pure criminals. There is nothing that is not called Bawku chieftaincy. There is a legitimate chief of Bawku. The Manprusis have agreed to go to court ad challenge the matter. That’s all that we know.”