Nat'l Cathedral: There'd Be No Hullabaloo If God Was Consulted - Prophet John Anokye

The Prelate of the Worldwide Word Ministries, Prophet John Anokye, has ascribed controversies surrounding the building of the National Cathedral to the undiscerning attitude of Ghanaians.

The prophet believes that the nation should have sought a response from God first before embarking on the project.

In his submission when asked if Ghana needed the edifice, he argued that if God wanted a Cathedral, work on the project would have been done diligently without the negative attention and the works would not have stopped midway.

File Photo: National cathedral
“There wouldn’t have been any hullabaloo surrounding the building of the National Cathedral if we had consulted God.

“And God would have revealed it to some prophets of the land including me, if really God wanted us to, [do] this as an individual decision,” the Christian cleric reiterated.

He commented on the topical issue during a media interaction to mark the beginning of a week-long celebration of the 7th Anniversary of the Worldwide Word Ministries.

Prophet John Anokye utilised the opportunity to encourage Ghanaians, especially Christians, to have faith in God for an economic turnover.

According to him, Ghana cannot claim to be a hugely populated Christian country when most of her fundamentals are not based on the word of God.

He called for the institutionalisation of the word of God in the people’s day-to-day activities as way to goad them out of the country’s economic woes.

He added that a lot of politicians when seeking power, visit and consult men of God but relegate the hand of God once they gain the power. This act he described as hypocritical on the part of the politicians.

Speaking about the church’s anniversary celebration, however, Prophet John Anokye outlined some activities earmarked for the week-long event.

According to him, the 7th-anniversary celebration of the church represents the foundation of God’s Kingdom.

He expressed his joy for the progress of the church thus far and prayed for more grace from God to do more for the church and the world.