Heartbeat Homeopathic Clinic Named Best Homeopathic Hospital of the Year 2023

Heartbeat Homeopathic Clinic has been awarded the Best Homeopathic Clinic of the Year as well the Best Alternative Heart Disease Treatment Center of the Year(2023) at the 6th edition of this year's West African Traditional and Alternative Medicals Award held in Accra on Saturday.

Heartbeat Homeopathic Clinic is a certified Homeopath and member of International Alliance of Holistic Therapist-UK and Certa Awarded Homeopath-UK.

It started operations in 2020. The Clinic has also received the Osabarima Royal Awards in 2021.

The awards are the third received by Heartbeat Homeopathic Clinic in less than three years of its operation.

Heartbeat Homeopathic Clinic situated at Lapaz-Nyamekye behind Kata International Hostel and adjacent Crown Prince International School in Accra is co-owned by Dr Ackah and Dr Mrs Ackah.

They provide holistic treatment to all your acute and chronic diseases.

According to Dr Ackah of Heartbeat Homeopathic Clinic, your cardiovascular system is a transport network that facilitates oxygenation and nourishment of each cell in the body. The blood also delivers immune cells and chemical messengers all across the body as such our lives depend on it correct functioning and yet most of us pay little attention to it until something goes wrong.

"It’s wrong to think of the cardiovascular system as the realm of health issues of the elderly because the problems which ultimately lead to cardiovascular diseases can very much have their root in our earlier years; the more reason why you should visit HEARTBEAT HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC for holistic treatment of all your heart related issues because we treat underlying causes of heart diseases without managing the symptoms," he said.