NDC Agents To Drink ‘Ataya’ For 2024 Alert – Mahama

THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) has served notice of their intentions to serve ‘Ataya’, to their polling agents to keep them awake and alert to critically monitor the 2024 polls to avert vote rigging.

‘Ataya’ is a locally brewed tea, which is very popular among people from the northern sector of the country. It is widely noted for having the ability to keep its users awake and energised to perform any difficult task or duty.

Former President John Dramani Mahama, who is seeking to lead the NDC once again as their presidential candidate for the 2024 elections, said he believed drinking ‘Ataya’ would enable the NDC agents to perform well.

“On December 7, 2024, we shall serve our agents tea, coffee and ‘Ataya’ at the polling stations in order to enable them stay awake and monitor the election results to help prevent rigging,” John Mahama announced publicly.

Addressing NDC members and sympathisers at Tafo in Kumasi during his recent tour of the Ashanti Region, he confidently stated that the NDC has greater chance to win the 2024 polls if it were conducted free and fair.

“We shall definitely serve our agents with ‘Ataya’ and hopefully by 12 midnight on December 7, 2024, we should get all our results from all over Ghana from our polling agents so we could collate them,” Mr. Mahama said.

Sounding very confident, the former President emphatically stated that “God is on our side for victory,” therefore nothing could stop the NDC from toppling the non-performing New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

John Mahama, who also sounded very religious and superstitious, said “God talks to me and I hear his voice.

God says 2024 is NDC’s time, but we need hard work in order to win power and form the next government.”

He, therefore, charged all NDC branch executives in the 275 constituencies in the country to uphold hard work and be extra vigilant, especially on the day of elections, so that nobody could rig the upcoming 2024 elections.

“Free and fair elections is what I expect, and if that is achieved then definitely the NDC will win the 2024 elections,” Mr. Mahama noted, adding that he would provide logistics for the party to campaign.

“I will provide all logistics for campaign if you elect me as flagbearer. Items such as t-shirts, posters, bicycles and motorbikes would be given to the various constituencies to campaign with to help ensure victory for the NDC.

“Every branch would get the items to campaign. It would be distributed evenly to every branch. In the past, some branches didn’t get the campaign materials and that affected our fortunes,” Mr. Mahama lamented.

According to him, he would tour all the 275 constituencies in the country to canvass for votes, saying that “I want a resounding victory in the NDC internal elections to prove to Ghanaians that we are united and ready to win power in 2024.”

John Mahama said he was contesting with three other people for the NDC flagbearer position on May 13, 2023, indicating that “God’s time is the best” therefore he was very confident that he would be crowned victorious.