Dzorwulu Special School Receives Support From The Founder Of The Law Office Of Kwainoe On Her Birthday

On Saturday May 25th 2024, Mrs. Mavis Ekua Enyamah Kwainoe-Olaga ESQ, Founding Partner of private legal practitioners The Law Office of Kwainoe, marked her birthday in a heartwarming celebration with the children of the Dzorwulu Special School in Accra.

The Dzorwulu Special School is a school specially set up for children with autism in Ghana.

Most parents with such children find it difficult to handle them alone, apart from the stigmatization of the society towards such children.

It was set up to give relief to the parents of such children by providing them with care, treatment, training, and hopefully, by helping to explore their hidden talents.

The school aims to give hope to the parents and the kids so that they can grow up to be an integral part of society.

The event was a memorable occasion, reflecting Mrs Olaga's dedication to giving back to the community and supporting inclusive education.

The occassion brought joy, smiles amidst a charged atmosphere and also added some educational enrichment to children with special needs.

According to the visiting team, the whole idea was to showcase and demonstrate love towards these children.

The team also held a nice feast session for the children where they were served with some hot meals.

Mrs Olaga, who is also a lecturer and a committed philanthropist, was accompanied and supported by her mother, her husband Rev. David D. Olaga ESQ, a private Legal Practitioner and Broadcast Journalist and a Nurse Pearl Enam Hatsu, who was on standby to monitor and attend to the children.

The team was welcomed by the Headmaster, Frederick Tetteh, who in his welcome address, expressed excitement and appreciation in playing hosting to The Law Office of Kwainoe.

Also present was the Assistant Headmaster, Moses Affran and the School Chaplain Kenneth Kuko.

The delegation used the occasion to donate a cash amount of GHC5,000 as well as some packs of bottle water and drinks to the Dzorwulu Special School.

"The Dworwulu Special School is a government school, however, we know that the government cannot do it all.

Therefore, on behalf of the children, we are appreciative of these gestures each and every day as people like you come to share in our joy," the Headmaster stated.

The celebration was filled with an array of fun activities designed to entertain and engage the children.

There were some talent competitions and performances where students who demonstrated and delivered their best won some prizes.

The Headmaster also invited some of the staff to participate in the fun.

Some of the line up activities were choreography and rap.

One of the students performed a rap, and then there was a musical chair competition, in which one of the children won.

In addition to the festivities, Mrs Olaga took the opportunity to share insights about the legal profession with the children.

She presented a little lecture on what lawyers do, and what happens in the courtroom.

The Law Office of Kwainoe also took the advantage to educate the children on the practice of the legal profession.

This educational segment aimed to inspire and inform the children about potential career paths, regardless of their disabilities.

One old student of the Dzorwulu Special School, Isaac Okyere, who is now a full time worker at the school, also used the opportunity to inspire the special children.

He gave a word of motivation to both the law office and that of his colleagues, saying "I have been successful because I concentrate on what I can do better because I don't waste my energy and time on what I cannot do that may hold me back."

Towards the climax of the birthday program, one Minister of God, Reverend Moses Afram joined the Headmaster, teachers and staff of the school and the children to passionately offer special prayers of blessings upon Mrs. Kwainoe and the rest of her team from the Law Office of Kwainoe.

Reverend Moses Afram also prayed
for the Dzorwulu Special School and asked for God's continued blessings and protection.

In his final words of gratitude and on behalf of the Law Office of Kwainoe, Rev. David D. Olaga ESQ, gave a short exhortation from the book of Genesis Chapter 1, verse 26 and 27.

"And it says in that verse that 'then God said, let us make man in our own image.'

The theme from this text scripture is that what God said in Genesis 1, 26 was not directed to any particular person, as in whether the person is able or disabled.

God had humanity in mind, and therefore we should be assured that God has a special place for all of us, whether we are able or disabled," he emphasized.

On that note, he further encouraged our fellow brothers and sisters to accept all humanity as they are and appear in society.

Rev. Olaga ESQ also congratulated Government for the vision of the establishment and called on all meaning Ghanaians including Law firms to emulate this gesture by coming to the aid of our brothers and sisters in the school because it is not their fault to be born in that state.

"Just take a look at this charged atmosphere on a rainy day with so much excitement, joy and hope for the future because it doesn't mean the whole of the future will remain disabled. God has not forgotten about you children at all.

God is very much aware about you, God provides, and he will continue to provide for your needs," Rev. David D. Olaga ESQ concluded.