Chief Cane Teacher Over Ganja

A FRENCH teacher at the Ejisu Besease MA JHS in the Ashanti Region has been taught a bitter lesson, as he was allegedly beaten up by the chief of the area with a cane. Francis Carter allegedly suffered the ordeal at the hands of Nana Akwasi Acheampong, the Ejisu Besease Chief on Saturday afternoon. The chief suspected the French tutor of smoking Indian hemp popularly known as �wee� and decided to literally crack the whip on him at his palace. Mr. Carter reportedly suffered bruises at his back and he was rushed to the hospital by Good Samaritans for prompt medical treatment, a friend of the French teacher said on anonymity. He noted that the matter had since been reported to the police but sources said no arrest had been affected by the law enforcement agents as at Monday evening. The Chief�s decision to whip the teacher was said to have angered other teachers in the area who stayed away from the class on Monday in protest. Mr. Carter, according to reports, received some visitors and he decided to take them to a drinking spot to gulp some drinks. In the course of taking the drinks, a certain man who was close to the chief of the area, appeared at the drinking spot. The man suddenly said he could smell Indian hemp in the area so he accused the teacher and his friends of smoking �wee.� The man then ordered the teacher and his friends to stand as he searched them thoroughly to find the Indian hemp. Though he did not find Indian hemp on them after the search, the said man marched the teacher to the chief�s palace on allegations that the teacher was smoking �wee�. Nana Acheampong, who was said to have been extremely angry, tied the teacher down with rope and gave him severe beatings with a cane. The teacher cried bitterly until some Unit Committee members of the area emerged at the palace and begged on his behalf. Mr. Carter was then released by the chief and sent to the hospital for treatment after which he reported the matter to the police. Teachers at Ejisu Besease threatened not to teach again and even vowed to report the matter to the Asantehene.