"We Won't Harm The Chief Justice, We Want Her Out!"

Pressure group, the Network of Social Democrats has said it will honour an invitation by the police to investigate threats on the Chief Justice. It however explained that its statement that it would force her out of office through the narrow window if she did not resign peacefully was only metaphorical. Last week, the group gave Justice Georgina Theodora Wood fourteen days to resign her office alleging her regime had failed woefully to maintain professional standards in the judiciary. The Police have since met the Chief Justice after the Ghana Bar Association lodged a formal complaint. Spokesperson for the group Rudolf Awuankua says they will continue to campaign for her removal. He said the call on the Chief Justice to leave was misconstrued. �We have said nothing dangerous, nothing that implies that we are going to cause physical harm to the Chief Justice. We did state that the Chief Justice must exit through the broad door in 14 days which implies that she should resign or be pushed out through the narrow window, which implies taking the constitutional measures to get her out of office. It was only metaphorical,� he explained. The Police will meet leaders of the group on Tuesday to conclude their investigations into the matter.