Work Attitudes Destroying Families – Dr. Otabil

The General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church,Pastor Mensah Otabil has challenged families in general and parents in particular to pay special attention to the core values and principles on which families are built to avoid the collapse of their homes. According to him, families are being destroyed due to the enormous demands at the work places. He said, “These days, in a lot of our companies, I think we are destroying families. People are working under very high pressure and no wonder divorce rates are going very high because people have no time. A lot of people work seven days a week because their companies must meet a certain target. “So you find husbands and wives working seven days a week, the children are home and nobody is training them. We have to draw a correlation between that and society because if you are going to keep husband and wife at work, somebody must train the children and these days it is television and that is why all the children are now playing video games. “Children of these days do not have friends; can you imagine what will happen 20 years from now when these children become adults when they are running countries? They know how to play with TV rather than with people.” Pastor Mensah Otabil was speaking on the second day of the ‘Festival of Ideas 2011’ put together by Legacy and Legacy in partnership with Otabil and Associates. The conference brought together seasoned speakers from across the corporate world who gave presentations on a myriad of thought provoking and inspiring topics. The fifth edition of the 'Festival of Ideas' conference is due to hit the road to other parts of the country in the next few days. Pastor Mensa Otabil also added that the most important source of a fulfilled life is derived from happy homes and relationships. He expressed worry over the possible adverse effect of disintegrated families on the future of children, urging Ghanaians to revise their attitudes towards families. Calling on Ghanaians to learn to balance their lives, he intimated that we must "reach for the world but save the home." "Reach the world but save your home. I am so concerned about this one because today’s generations are doing so well but we are losing our homes, marriages; we are hurting our children, we are disillusioning the next generation yet we say we love them. "Of course they may turn out right but they may be carrying a burden that is unnecessary. That is because we do not put as much work in our private life as we should. Let’s not be too concerned about the world because at the end of the day we will come home”. He added that a fulfilling successful life could be realized if it was nurtured on a solid family base.