Chop Bar Owner Claims Urine Potency In Hearing Impairment

A chop bar operator accused of using the urine of three children to prepare food for the public has vehemently denied the allegation, saying it was a frame-up. The woman, known as Serwaah Serwaah, however admitted using the urine, of the three boys, for a concoction to cure someone with a hearing challenge. The woman told Luv FM on Monday that the urine of a virgin was potent for treating that sickness, explaining the rationale for collecting urine of the kids she suspected to be virgins. The woman who resides in Bekwai in the Ashanti Region, said the story was concocted by her detractors, led by the father of the children, whom she claimed were bent on disgracing her and collapsing her business. According to her, the father of the kids has been alleging that ever since she collected the urine for the medicine, the children have been falling sick; but she said that claim cannot be true. The action of the chop bar operator was reported to the Asantehemaa’s Traditional Court during its sitting at the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi last Tuesday, the Daily Graphic reported. After hearing, the court directed Serwaah Serwaah to slaughter two sheep to perform some rituals to pacify the gods and the spirits of the three brothers. The paper reported that the children were looking very sick and malnourished when they were brought to the palace during the hearing of the case. The mother of the children, Dorcas Bonsu, had demanded a compensation of GH¢2,500, since she had spent so much on the health of the children, however, the court asked Serwaah Serwaah to pay GH¢500 to compensate the children and their family. The sacrifice is expected to be performed Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at the court’s sitting to free the children from any spiritual bondage, as well as any sickness they may have contracted as a result of the woman’s activities.