rLG Gives Agbeko GH¢10,000

Ghana’s foremost computer and mobile phone assembling firm, rLG, on Monday donated GH¢10,000 to Joseph Agbeko at a news conference in Accra where the former IBF bantamweight champion promised to reclaim his title from Mexican Abner Mares. The gift, according to the company, was a token recognition of the talent and effort of the boxer whose ambition to unify the bantamweight was undone by the controversial decisions by fight referee Russell Mora. While blaming Referee Mora for the decisions that led to his defeat, Agbeko said he was confident that the Mexican did not stand any chance in their rematch bout scheduled for December 14, promising to show him “the real King Kong”. Speaking at a press conference to explain circumstances that led to his defeat, the former champion expressed frustration over the referee’s persistent disregard for Mares’s low blows during the fight even though his corner men complained several times to him. “He promised to do something about it anytime my comer men complained to him, but he didn’t,” a frustrated Agbeko said, adding that two weeks prior to the fight, they raised issues about the referee and requested that he be changed only for them to realise he was still officiating on the day of the bout. The former champion expressed gratitude to Ghanaians for their support and prayers, and stated that though he came home without the title, the overwhelming reception accorded him still made him feel like a champion. Agbeko, who addressed the press conference in the company of boxing bigwigs, including Ghana Boxing Authority chairman Samir Captan, boxing legend Azumah Nelson, GBA vice-chairman Ahene Truly, GBA board member Ataa Eddie Pappoe, and Ghana Amateur Boxing Federation president Ray Quarcoo, said he was robbed of the title, but that had offered him the potential tag of a three-time world champion. Mr Captan said the boxer’s temperament in the ring made him one of the best in the world after Azumah, but advised that he should seek divine intervention in the rematch and “see what the hand of God will do”. Azumah Nelson described his younger compatriot as a gifted boxer with so much talent, and advised him to learn great lessons from what had happened. “There are ups and downs in the world, but what is more important is how fast you get up when you are down,” he said.