NDC Juggernauts Behind TOR Problems

SOME AGGRIEVED employees of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) who prefer to remain anonymous have alleged that the deeds of certain selfish top officials of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is the cause of the facility�s problems. They said contrary to public perception, TOR�s problems were not internally generated. The workers claimed top NDC officials had been entrusted with the day to day running of the facility. They told Daily Guide in Tema Monday that instead of ensuring that the facility operates well through the regular and adequate supply of crude oil, these NDC officials had formed a cartel and were always frustrating people and companies seeking to provide the refinery with the product. �What the public do not know is that these same people instead of ensuring that crude oil is brought into this country so as to have enough gas for both domestic use and for the usage of commercial drivers, rather create problems for the refinery which at the end of the day go to benefit them and their cronies,� one worker commented. The TOR staffers say they plan to expose these government officials if the problems at TOR persist. �We will go all out and mention their names for Ghanaians to know the truth about who is behind these problems by the close of this week,� another workers said no top of his voice. One of the workers had this to say when Daily Guide asked what they intend to do if the unnamed government officials refuse to stop their activities, �We know them very well and we equally know what to say to the public and do not forget that we are the ones working there so we have enough proof to buttress our statements about the problems over here� They revealed that the problem at the facility was not because TOR was not getting the crude oil but rather the actions of certain politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats who continue to form gangs with certain private persons by importing finished products for the refinery which subsequently do not help the refinery produce gas. The further alleged that these government officials do so with the sole intention of getting their fair share of profits that go to the private businessmen, a situation they said would run into several millions of dollars that should have gone into government coffers. �Look we know these men and they very much know themselves that we are aware of what is going on. We want to assure them that this time round unlike previous times, if they fail to do anything about the problem we will be forced to invite all the media including your powerful paper, Daily Guide to a press conference tell Ghanaians the truth,� one workers who claimed he has worked at the refinery for well over five years noted. This nefarious activity according the concerned employees is taking place all over the continent giant oil producing countries such as Nigeria. In reaction to reports by certain government officials that the facility lacked sufficient storage facilities to store gas for onward sale to the Ghanaian public, the workers flatly denied it. �We can tell you that our tanks are very much empty and with this how does one blame it on lack of enough storage facility? We produce about 350 MT of gas a day if our plants are functioning well and you know what that means? We produce about half of what the nation requires daily which is about 700 MT per day,� they explained. The said the LPG shortages in the country was as a result of the aforementioned situation adding that it was not wise to rely on the importation of finished products for such a venture.