GES rectifies SHS placement access system

Candidates who sat for the 2011 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) but could not access their Senior High School (SHS) placement by the use of short code 1060 provided by Ghana Education Service (GES) can access the placement after the rectification of all technical challenges. However, those who recently opted to be placed in schools in their localities as directed cannot access their results because their placements are on-going and would be completed by October 7. Mr Charles Parker-Allotey, Public Relations Officer, GES, told the GNA in an interview that qualified candidates could access their school placement by texting their 10-digit index number, followed by the correct two-digit number for the year of examination. �For those who opted for the 30 per cent quota placement system cannot access their school placement. They will have access after October 7. It is only the other 70 per cent candidates who can now access their placement by the use of the short code and the scratch card,� he added. Mr Parker-Allotey explained that the scratch card could not be used after three consecutive trials as a security measure and urged candidates to get their index numbers right to avoid making mistakes when using the scratch cards.�As we all know scratch cards come with their security features and cannot be used forever,� he said. Mr Parker-Allotey said the placement system for this year delayed because of the dispensation for the 30 per cent allocation and urged parents to bear with the GES. He gave the assurance that GES had put in place the needed measures to ensure Heads of schools did not under declare available vacancies in their schools. �We have verified vacancies as declared by Heads of schools to know that they do not under declare so that they could admit people to fill such vacancies without going through the computerized system.� Mr Parker-Allotey appealed to politicians and opinion leaders in the society to refrain pressuring Heads of schools for admission. He noted that all candidates who gained admission through the computerised system would have their data given to Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for the appropriation of subsidies to their schools and those who would be admitted through any other means would not benefit. Mr Parker-Allotey appealed to candidates and parents not to worry themselves when not admitted by their first choice schools because they had the chance for their second or third choice schools. He said GES was working to ensure that all qualified candidates would be placed in technical or SHS. Mr Parker-Allotey urged government to review the JHS system because the vision for its establishment had not been achieved. �The JHS is not only to prepare students into SHS but also to equip them with basic skills in vocations such as carpentry, masonry and hairdressing,� he added. A total 350,000 students sat for the BECE this year, and the 70 per cent is made up of 172,000 students.