LOVE...Driver Hangs Over Girl

A taxi driver who reportedly threatened some members of his family and friends that he was going to commit suicide due to an alleged relationship problem he had with a lady he was in love with, has carried out the threat by hanging himself in his room at Odikoman, a Nungua suburb, last Friday evening. The deceased cabbie was only mentioned as Coffie, 27, a native of one of the towns in the Volta Region. He was further reported to have gone into his room during the latter part of Friday, October 28, 2011 after the close of work and used a yellow bathing sponge to hang himself to a ceiling fan in the room. Coffie, according to a source, migrated to Odikoman about a year-and-half ago and was said to be having ‘serious’ relationship problems with a lady whose name was not readily known. The source disclosed that Coffie had earlier separated from a woman he had a child with but managed to remain friends with the lady. He was also said to have even complained about the problems he was having with his new lady to his ex, who encouraged him to be careful with the way he related to women. The constant threats of ending his life compelled his former woman to visit him frequently to ensure that he did not carry out his threat which finally happened last Friday. The source told DAILY GUIDE that the cabbie, after parting ways with his former woman with whom he had a son, dated a lady whose name other occupants of his house hardly knew. The said lady, according the source, was a frequent visitor and was always indoors with Coffie anytime she visited. His relationship with the new woman was said to be going on well until one night when she received a mobile phone call from an unknown caller, believed to be a male; a situation which created a problem between the two afterwards. The lady was reported to have packed her belongings from Coffie’s room the next morning with the excuse that she could no longer live with him, as she found him extremely jealous. Perhaps fearing that he had lost his woman, Coffie, according to the source, went to his former woman to complain about how unhappy he was about the fact that his new woman had left him, with the latter encouraging him to be calm, as losing her should not make him want to end his life. The mother of his child, fearing that Coffie might go ahead and commit suicide, informed his relation who is also a taxi driver, who quickly arranged to get the deceased to stay with him after the close of work every day. “You know this guy (Coffie), according to his former wife, went to sleep at his brother’s (relation) on Thursday and went out to work on Friday morning. I am told that he closed earlier than his usual closing time and went straight to his place and gave his mobile phone to a female resident to charge for him and went indoors. That was the last time he was seen alive,” the source told Daily Guide. The other cabbie, who closed later, and not seeing the deceased, rushed to his resident and after many minutes of search, he together with other occupants of the house, finally broke the door to Coffie’s room and to their utter shock, found his stiff body hanged to the ceiling fan in his room. His elder sister, who had abortively tried earlier to reconcile her deceased brother and his woman, according to the source, rushed to the new girlfriend’s house to inform her about the deceased’s action and asked her to go see his dead body for herself. The woman was said to have angrily declined and said she did not ask him to commit suicide and therefore did not see the need to go see his corpse. The matter was reported to the police who quickly arrived at the scene and later carried his body to the morgue of the Police Hospital in Accra for postmortem. Investigations into the death is said to have commenced.