Call Me Afriyie�No More Wutah

One young man currently feeling extremely good about himself and barely able to contain the enthusiasm generated by his new direction in music and image change is Frank Kojo Afriyie Osei, known previously in showbiz circles as Wutah Peevee. He had been on the quite since the Wutah duo (Wutah Kobby was the other half) split about two years ago but he is now off to a sparkling new start with a simple new showbiz name � Afriyie � and a guitar-dominated single about love he calls Love Of My Life. I had to toy with a number of names before settling on Afriyie. It is part of my name already but I want to project myself now with that. My plan is to take something charming from Africa that would rival all those acclaimed good vocalists out there on the international scene,� Afriyie told Showbiz in a chat. Afriyie is now managed by Uhuro Africa Entertainment headed by Richard Agyeman-Berko.