Today Is World AIDs Day

Today is World AIDS Day. The idea to set aside a day for AIDS was first conceived in 1987 after the virus that causes AIDS was first detected in 1983. The WHO in 1988 declared December, 1 every year as World AIDS Day. The day is being observed worldwide to raise awareness, educate and inform people on ways of preventing the disease. It is also to inform governments on policies to adopt in the fight against the disease. The observance of World AIDS Day in Ghana has brought about many advantages. The government through the Ghana AIDS Commission, GAC has implemented polices and taken steps to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with the disease. Today many people living with the disease are able to come out boldly to form associations which provide care and support. In an interview with Radio Ghana’s correspondent, the Director of Technical Services of the GAC, Dr Richard Amenya highlights the benefits of observing World Aids Day. A person living with the disease says PLHIV's are appreciative of government efforts at supporting them, thereby alleviating their plight. He however complains of shortages in the supply of Anti Retroviral Drugs, ARV's. In response, Dr Amenya said the Commission is working hard to address the challenges for the continuous supply of ARV's.