Running Mate Is Like Paul To Jesus

The Deputy Minority Leader and MP for Lawra-Nandom, Ambrose Dery, has stated that it is not up to the running mate to bring votes but that the job of the running mate is to be an effective advocate for the flagbearer, which can then bring more votes. He described the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo, as a formidable politician who has what it takes to win and win big. But, like what Paul the Apostle did in marketing the Christian message of Jesus Christ, the job of the running mate should be seen in that light. Fortunately, he said, �my Senior,� Nana Addo, �has what it takes� to make his brand easy to market. �Nana has all the qualities to win the election and provide the kind of leadership we all want to see in this country; he has overwhelming qualities and I can�t bring any quality to bear on him, just as Paul could not contribute to the qualities of Jesus Christ. Paul�s desire was to win more souls for Christ and so made himself an advocate of Christ. That is exactly what I can do for Nana,� Mr Dery, a devout Catholic, stressed. In an interview with the New Statesman, he described Nana Addo as �a very distinguished lawyer, human rights activist and politician, endowed with the requisite qualities and experience� needed to provide competent, visionary leadership required of a president. Mr Dery is among the frontrunners being considered for selection as Nana Akufo-Addo�s running mate. Though the only Christian in the speculative list of four, his support base is said to spread beyond his home base, stretching through the Zongos, especially the northern parts of the Brong Ahafo Region. Among his main strengths are: his years of loyalty to the flagbearer and the overwhelming support he enjoys from the Minority in Parliament. It is recalled that another legislator being considered in 2008 had the unfortunate experience of having her own caucus members campaigning against her. Not Ambrose, as he is affectionately called. The man who rose in his first time in the chamber to become Deputy Minority Leader is seen by the influential group of NPP MPs as having what it takes to campaign energetically for Nana Addo and the competence to serve him loyally and efficiently. Indeed, it was Nana Addo who proposed his name for a leadership position in 2009 when he first entered Parliament after causing an upset against NDC heavyweight, Ben Kunbuor. Mr Dery had worked quietly and tirelessly for Nana Addo in the heated battle of 2007 for the NPP flagbearership. Again in 2010, he was instrumental in getting majority of the MPs to throw their weight behind Nana Addo for the primary which saw the former Foreign Minister commanding nearly 80% of the 107,000 popular votes of party delegates. He has also dismissed any suggestion that he must lobby for the job. He said, as important as the job is, it is a personal decision for the leader in terms of the nomination, which he must bring to the National Council of the party. Mr Derry hails from the second biggest ethnic group from the North. A Dagarti from Upper West, his popularity stretches across the North, as he practiced law in the Upper East and served as Regional Minister in the Upper West. In the view of Mr Dery, the issue of who gets to partner Nana Addo does not matter so much to him, stressing: �Nana has the prerogative to decide through consultation with the party leadership. What is most important is all of us ensuring absolute unity and working together to kick out the incompetent NDC administration. I will respect any decision Nana will make and remain loyal and committed to him at all times.�