First Mobile Music Streaming Service 'Streemio' Launched In Ghana

Streemio Technologies, the operators of Ghana�s first mobile music streaming service, has revealed that his outfit will revolutionize the way music is enjoyed and shared in the country. The Streemio Technologies is a Ghanaian software start-up, developing mobile software and services for high-growth mobile telephony markets. Samuel Darko, Chief Executive Officer noted in a release issued in Accra that the mobile music service would not only provide a platform for music fans to legally enjoy and share the works of their favourite musicians but also provide Ghanaian musicians the opportunity to interact with their fans and track information on which of their songs their fans are listening to most. He said Streemio would delight its clients with a personalised medium to choose what songs they listened to at any time. Streemio allows everyone to be their own DJ, without the hassle of owning the music collection to play from. Because all song plays are user requested, Streemio will help establish the unbiased popularity of artistes and their works. He further stated that Streemio would also provide a free platform for Ghanaian musicians and labels to publish and publicise their works. Darko also dropped hints of a possible annual Streemio concert that would put the most popular Ghanaian and possibly foreign music stars, per the ratings of the service, on one platform to entertain Ghanaian music fans. Commenting further, Brands and Communications Manager of Streemio, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, stated that music lovers who wanted to use Streemio would simply download a free mobile application unto their internet capable phones with decent multimedia features, and with that, they would access to a world of local and foreign music on the go. Streemio is a piracy-free service and will help promote the culture of paying royalties in the country as it provides a new revenue generation model for COSGA, Sadiq added. Streemio is expected to be rolled out publicly on December 23, 2011. The technical team, according to the Streemio�s Technical lead Francis Ahose, was working feverishly to meet the deadline. The mobile application is currently being tested internally to ensure a delightful user experience when the service eventually launches. The company receives seed funding from the Meltwater Foundation. Streemio aspires to be a pan-African mobile music streaming service, starting from Ghana. It was founded in January 2010 by Samuel Darko and one Francis Ahose.